Galyn Görg's professional career as a dancer and actress has been extensive and quite successful. Her work in film, television and live theatrical performances has carried her to many countries including, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Canada to name a few. As a dancer and actress Ms.Görg has worked with many talented artist such as, Viola Davis, Jason Robards, Amy Poehler, Will Smith, Keanu Reeves, Cuba Gooding Jr., Paula Abdul, Stevie Wonder, James Spider, Jill Clayburgh, Lionel Ritchie, Francis Ford Coppola, The Jacksons, Patrick Swayze, Debbie Allen, ZZ Top, Al Jarreau, Donna Summer, etc., and was the dance star of two variety series on Italian television, FANTASTICO (RAI) and SANDRARAIMONDO SHOW (Canale 5).

The exceptional training Galyn received afforded her the opportunity to work with renowned choreographers such as, Michael Peters, Debbie Allen, Sarah Elgart, Marguerite Derricks, Otis Salid, Jaime Rogers, Franco Miseria, Bill Goodson, Franco Miseria, and Vince Patterson.

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In film and television, Ms. Görg, has had starring roles in Some of the television and film projects Galyn has worked on include, Lost, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, CSI: Miami, Point Break, Robocop II, Star Trek: DS9, Point Break, Star Trek: Voyager, Judgment Night, Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journey, and the Fox television series , and television’s first black super hero program, the Fox network series M.A.N.T.I.S to name a a few.

"Being an Artist is my passion. Having the opportunity to create and share my vision as an artist is a precious gift. I love it!!!"

""Developing a character, working with directors, and interacting with fellow actors refines my ability to trust in my craft as an artist."

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"Nature is my true Inspiration"

Galyn's aareer as a dancer truly began when as a teenager she was awarded scholarships at the prestigious Dupree Dance Academy, Alvin Ailey Summer Program, and The Professional Dancer’s Society.  She has studied the dance styles of Jazz, Ballet, Haitian, Afro-Samba, Afro-Cuban, West African, Hip-Hop, Hula, and Funk.

Galyn has studied with the top-acting teachers of Hollywood, Ivana Chubbuck, Improv for The People, Anthony Meindl Actor’s Workshop, Paul Schackman, The Groundlings, The Improv, Pacific Resident Theater, and The Susan Giosa technique. 

It is an honor to share my precious artistic gifts..  Be, Live, Grow, Share, Create, Share, Love.......with Passion!

In addition to all of her professional work, whenever Galyn has the opportunity she generously gives of her time to organizations such as, Humanity Unites Brilliance, UNICEF, Heal The Bay, The Pachamama Alliance, The International House of Blues Foundation, The Herb Alpert Foundation, Yoga for Youth, and the World Festival of Sacred Music. 


"Working in the entertainment field has afforded me the opportunity to travel around the world and experience and meet so many incredible people. I am truly grateful. An amazing journey so far!"

"Living my life as an artist is amazing!!!"

"I love the medium of Film, Television and Live Performances!  

"Expressing myself creatively as an artist is my passion. Being creative and developing ideas to be presented to the world, for me, is an inspirational journey.".

"I love creating.  Since I was a child putting on a show has thrilled me and brought me much happiness. I consider myself very fortunate to be an artist.  My Mother, a model, actress dancer, and my Father an actor, writer, editor, director,  have encouraged me since childhood to express my talents and to pursue my dreams of performing. They introduced me to the world of dance, acting, film, theater, comedy, writing, costume making, film production, directing, etc." 

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"My first introduction to dance was a West-African dance class on the Big Island of Hawaii with my Mother.  The very first class I was hooked.  I was home.  Then on the island of Oahu, she enrolled me in a ballet class and I was hooked again.  True love....A lifelong love affair had begun........"