Rehearsal for FANTASTICO.  Rome, Italy. 

Pre Dance interview on "FANTASTICO" with Pipo Baudo.  Dance: "SupernaturalThing" 

Make-Up Artist:  Patrizia Nardi


Dancing on Italian television on the highly popular FANTASTICO 6, was a wonderful experience.  The Italian people were so kind to me.  Rehearsing five days a week and performing live on Saturdays evenings before millions of people, was exhilarating. One of the highest rated shows on air at the time.  Going into the studio in the evenings to record tracks for the show was intense. My partner, Steve LaChance was a phenomenal dance partner, an incredible artist and true professional.  With choreographer, Franco Miseria, developing imaginative  themed pieces for the chorus, Steve and I to perform each week was an intense schedule.  The wonderful Italian life style.  Lunches were an experience throughout the season.  The entire crew would take extended time to eat, chat, drink a little, rest and regenerate.  Then back to rehearsal.  A lovely way to work.

E' La Formula 6.  La Sigla for FANTASTICO 6

With Heather Parisi and Lorella Cuccarini.