My Fantastic Italian Career!  An Amazing journey!  Will always love the Italian people for their embrace of me!

How it all happened.  I was in Hollywood and I saw a notice in the VARIETY paper.  I showed up at an audition, not knowing what is was for exactly  and there was an incredibly long line.

I begrudging waited.  Finally I was called in an interviewed on camera.  A series of questions were asked about my personal life.  I was for some reason not in a good mood that day.  As a result, I was very relaxed and not attached.

My soon to be Italian managers, Guido DeAngelis, Giuseppe Giachi watched the tape and eventually called to inquire if I would be interested in working on Italian television.  I responded yes, having no idea what it would involved. I was then flown to Rome with my Mom to meet a major Italian television star, Pipo Baudo.

Meeting Pipo was a fun moment.  We had a sweet repoire  immediately.  Pipo era molto gentile, una persona molto piacevole per me.  Molto simpatico.  He wanted to know if I spoke any Italian.  I told him and I blurted out the word Pompelmo (grapefruit)  we both laughed.  That was the beginning of of a very sweet relationship.  

Before I could return to Italy I had been cast in a film   (America 3000)  which I had to fly to Israel and complete.  After finishing the film I was flown to Rome to begin rehearsals, record my single (E La Formula 6) shoot magazine layouts, study Italian and prepare for the Italian television show Fantastico (RAI).

My Co-Star, was an Italian dancer by the name of, Lorella Cuccarini,  We had an interesting relationship because I spoke little Italian and she spoke barely any English.  We got along fine and were so busy with rehearsals and publicity photos we rarely had time to get to know each other. 


As a showgirl on hugely successful Italian television show, Fantastico (RAI) and The SandraRaimondo Show (Canale 5).  I had an amazing career!

With incredible management team centered in Rome my career took off.  I was an overnight sensation.  I had a record contract and released two singles which hit the charts and did extremely well.  Magazine covers, commercial product sponsorship, interviews, award shows, and fans screaming for my attention everywhere where I went. 

My dance partner was the phenomenal dancer, Steve LaChance.  Together with the guidance and choreography of Franco Miseria magic was created every Saturday night for millions of Italian fans.  It was not until the third episode of Fantastico of that we truly become sensations.  It was our first soulful lyrical piece that captured everyone's attention.  We had found our groove and it was magic! The ratings soared...Steve and I were in was powerfully dynamic moments and we were a hit!

After the completion of the season of Fantastico, Steve and I were flown to Los Angeles to shoot the film, Body Beat.  A musical, a romantic love story infused with dance numbers and songs.

The film opened in Italy to rave reviews and great box office receipts. 

Steve and I were then flown to Milan to begin rehearsing and shooting the variety television series, SandraRaimondo show (Canale 5),  With the well know, Sandra Mondaini and Raimondo Vianello. 
Incredible dance pieces were choreographed for this weekly airing and it was a hit. 

I was fortunate to have my sister, Gentry.  She was a dancer as part of the chorus.  Gentry is an incredible dancer, artist in her own right.  We shared an apartment in Rome during the filming of the show Fantastico.  We had a great time.  dancing, shopping, sight seeing, going out to clubs, dinning at the finest restaurants, shooting magazine layouts, and meeting incredible people.